PRIMEPEOPLE on recruitment success factors for personnel consultants

In summer 2019, we met with German Outsourcing Association CEO Stephan Fricke to discuss the difficulties many member companies experience in covering their personnel requirements.

A majority of these member companies are international players representing a wide range of sectors such as industrial goods, insurance, finance, trade, software/hardware, and services of all kinds. The Association is of course home to providers and recipients of outsourcing alike. When it comes to recruiting managers and senior professionals who understand the local market laws and offer the multilingual skills needed to enable international collaboration, the companies are especially reliant on personnel consultants.

Selecting a recruitment consultant

But how do companies select the “right” personnel consultant and what are the decisive aspects to working with headhunters? Following in-depth talks, we were invited to explain the success factors in a dedicated contribution to the Special Edition of Outsourcing Journal. The relevant excerpt is available here as a free download.

selecting a recruitment consultant

Boasting over 800 members, a campaign reach of more than 260,000 contacts, and 16 partner organizations, the German Outsourcing Association is among the largest European networks in the field of ITO/BPO/SSC. PRIMEPEOPLE has been an official member of the Association since 2019 and is the only personnel consultancy for IT and digitization within its ranks.

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