Professional consulting


The digital revolution affects all IT companies and asks too much of many of them, especially when it comes to identifying and selecting the right personnel for the future. That’s where we come in.

At PRIMEPEOPLE, we are passionate about personnel consulting and IT is our life. We provide full support to our clients, ensuring their success in everything from personnel consulting, personnel development, and management consulting through to individual coaching and training concepts.

PRIMEPEOPLE wants to see you grow!

Our success in recruiting is down to the fact that we take candidates seriously as our clients. We also carry out our assignments using a professional, customized methodology that is tailored to the situation at hand and consists of the following core elements:

  • Initial comprehensive 360° on-site briefing to develop a holistic image of the position
  • Precise definition of target companies for direct approaches
  • Professional and systematic approaches to potential candidates via all channels
  • Intensive discussions with candidates – digitally and in person
  • Scientifically sound personality analysis (PPS – Personality Positioning System)
  • Detailed candidate profile featuring precise description of technical skills
  • Support for the recruitment process right through to decision-making
  • Intensive candidate coaching up to the signing of the contract and support during the probationary period

From the perspective of the client, however, these individual services often seem interchangeable – especially in a highly competitive market such as personnel consulting in IT. As a result, success in recruiting is primarily the result of dialog between equal partners.

That’s the reason why at PRIMEPEOPLE you will only find proven personnel consultants who speak the language of IT and maintain wide-ranging business relationships within the industry. These IT professionals have achieved successful careers of their own in IT businesses, working in corporate groups and SMEs as executive board members, managing directors, and sales managers among other positions.

This ensures that our clients benefit from our active knowledge of the industry and our long-standing networks of IT expertise.

Only by serving both as a sparring partner and a mouthpiece are we able to talk with you, our client, about economic upheavals, persuasive success stories, and future strategies – and this is why you can place your trust in us!