Business Coaching


Want to take a new path and reach your full potential with professional support from an IT personnel consultant?

If so, then PRIMEPEOPLE has the perfect tailored solution for you – the PRIMEPEOPLE Business Coach. Our experienced Business Coach and Managing Partner Bernd Scherer provides focused advice with respect to your individual life situation. As a specialist in the field of corporate and personal business/life consulting, he addresses your needs, goals, and values in a highly targeted manner.

PRIMEPEOPLE’s business coaching services range from resolving personal or professional conflict situations to preparing for and following up on professional challenges such as presentations, talks, meetings, and negotiations.

The PRIMEPEOPLE Business Coach works with you to create a customized plan for achieving your goals, providing holistic support both in individual face-to-face meetings and on the phone if desired. We are available at all times – even in relation to urgent problems – and we offer real-world customized coaching services that will support you and help you move forward:

  • Personal resilience in your career and everyday life
  • Positioning yourself for personal success in business and life
  • Personal tools for an authentic and successful business manner
  • Burnout prevention for managers and high performers at all levels
  • Real-world outplacement consulting and support


Achieving success step by step - PRIMEPEOPLE business coaching is based on three success factors:

  1. Experience – your PRIMEPEOPLE Business Coach has many years of executive experience at all levels in businesses and institutions
  2. Sparring partner – your PRIMEPEOPLE Business Coach ensures that you are optimally prepared for difficult performance reviews. In individual coaching sessions, he takes on the role and negotiating position of your opposite number and works with you to develop proactive answers and responses to every argument, excuse, accusation, or objection that may be raised
  3. Change processes – your PRIMEPEOPLE Business Coach has sound qualifications based on aspects such as NLP (neurolinguistic programming), SFBT (solution-focused brief therapy), systemic principles, and the brain model (cognitive coaching process)