Career consulting

Career Advice

As the leading personnel consultancy in the field of IT, PRIMEPEOPLE is your personal career consultant. We are your headhunter for high-flying IT companies, supporting you throughout every stage of the application process.

Many of PRIMEPEOPLE’s clients are hidden champions in their respective sectors and offer a wide variety of career opportunities. We work with you to exploit this potential to the full. The intensive role we have played in helping these companies grow over a number of years has enabled us to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses.

And our knowledge of candidates like you is no less detailed. This enables us to provide personal and strategic support to assist in the advancement of your career. We steer you through a professional, customized recruiting and application process that accounts for the latest developments on the recruitment market. 

As part of our exclusive pool of applicants, you will receive professional career consulting from our experienced IT personnel consultants based on the results of this process. This helps us pave the way for you to take the next decisive steps in your career. In identifying your strengths and weaknesses, both in terms of your career to date and your application documents, we bring you closer to attaining your desired role.

Our personality analysis (PPS – Personal Positioning System) represents an important element of career consulting at PRIMEPEOPLE. This will help you learn more about yourself, your values, and your style of communication.

PRIMEPEOPLE’s personnel consultants will then advise you on creating optimum application documents and work with you to develop a personal summary for our clients. Your summary will feature a transparent account of aspects such as your basic information, motivation, suitability, salary expectations, availability, willingness to travel or relocate, and your technical and personal expertise in relation to a specific role.

  • During this phase, or once we have received the first positive response from our clients at the latest, we will meet with you personally in order to provide optimum tailored support throughout the entire application process.
  • Not only do we prepare you for upcoming interviews in a focused manner, we also attend most interviews with you in person so as to provide the best possible support.
  • Following the interviews, we gather feedback from you and our client and coach you through the subsequent stages of the application process until a contract offer is made.
  • Even during contract negotiations, we continue to serve as a sparring partner in an advisory capacity and we also mediate between you and the client – your potential new employer.