Become a personnel consulant


In 2016, turnover in personnel consulting grew by 9.3% to €1.99 billion. The figure for 2017 is expected to reach an all-time high and surpass the €2 billion mark for the first time. According to a recent study by the German management consultants’ association BDU, 62,500 executive and specialist positions were filled in Germany in 2016 with the help of recruitment specialists. The digital revolution and the increasingly difficult candidate market present immense challenges for businesses, with IT playing an ever-increasing role in this development.

The result? Personnel consultants are set to be in great demand, both now and over the coming years.

With this in mind, let’s talk about how you can join our partnership and make your own career path smoother and more secure as part of the PRIMEPEOPLE brand.

Our focus on IT forms the basis of our shared success. In the future, you will find yourself working a great deal with people as you strive to promote their career development. To succeed in your efforts, you will have to engage in continuous development of your own. As an IT personnel consultant at PRIMEPEOPLE, you are a personnel consultant, business coach, and IT specialist all in one!

This is how you can establish a solid business base for yourself and be in a position to help ensure success for your clients. As PRIMEPEOPLE Managing Partners have to fulfill a complex set of requirements, you will be suitable for the role if:

  • You are full of energy and very keen to start something new

  • You have plans, ideas, and visions and are looking for an environment in which you can finally make these a reality

  • You are a networker and know the rules of the IT game

  • You enjoy working with people and have a high affinity for sales

  • You have decided to become an entrepreneur

  • You see yourself as your client’s strategic partner and sparring partner, communicating with them on an equal footing

  • You have a sound financial basis for taking on an entrepreneurial role and a strong desire to set up your own business

  • You have a confident and engaging manner, excellent negotiating skills, empathy, and a head for figures as well as analytic and entrepreneurial thinking

Your objective: to create a sound basis that lets you plan your long-term future and achieve your life goals!

Think you fit the bill? Then you’ll find PRIMEPEOPLE has a lot to offer:

  • We are well-known and well-established personnel consultants in the world of IT

  • Our awards speak volumes about how our services are rated

  • We will introduce you to the relevant processes and the role of a personnel consultant

  • You will have access to several thousand candidates in our applicant database

  • You will take part in our regular PRIMEPEOPLE Managing Partner Meetings

  • Our PRIMEPEOPLE toolkit (workflow, collaboration, personality analysis, etc.) ensures a professional approach

  • We will support you in acquiring clients or you will take over existing projects from the word go

  • We work in accordance with the PRIMEPEOPLE value system

  • The PRIMEPEOPLE brand opens the door to your personal success


Rainer Mayer

“A perfect match is a two-way street.
Let’s find out how we can work together.”

Rainer Mayer
Head & Founder of PRIMEPEOPLE