Shape the digital workplace of tomorrow with the PRIMEPEOPLE network!

Our society is in flux

And as the concept of New Work demonstrates, ongoing digitization is just one of many factors powering this evolution. PRIMEPEOPLE boasts years of experience in providing intensive support to generations Y and Z, whose unique interests and requirements are redefining the world of work.

Having grown up as citizens of the world thanks to globalization, they yearn for open structures, flexibility, and autonomy like no other generation before them. Crucially, money is not one of their top priorities. And the all-encompassing manner of digitization has given rise to entirely new working models while steadily rendering others obsolete. Our clients are well aware of this transition, though of course some still struggle to accept it. However, New Work is not centered on digitization alone: Rather, it is about placing the individual at the heart of the modern workplace.

Within the PRIMEPEOPLE network, we therefore treat each other as partners. In order to meet our goals of reaching people, assisting them through processes of change, and persuading them to take the next step, we have always been required to gear our structures towards adaptation and growth. Given the fast-changing nature of modern work, it is essential for us to continue evolving in line with clients, candidates, and the field of personnel consulting itself. This process of regularly redefining our working environment is a central tenet of the PRIMEPEOPLE network. 

After more than 15 years on the market, we remain convinced that anyone hoping to reach their full potential must make their personal journey a key part of their work. Heterogeneous and dynamic networks like ours represent the best way of putting this into practice. After all, without autonomy and meaning there can be no creative thought, no creative action – and ultimately no innovation.

All members of the PRIMEPEOPLE team thus support candidates and clients with a clear digital approach, serving as highly specialized personnel consultants and networkers who know the world of IT inside out. These IT professionals have achieved successful careers of their own, working in corporate groups and SMEs as executive board members, managing directors, and sales managers among other positions. Our clients benefit from our active knowledge of the industry, the networks we have established over many years, and our IT expertise.

The PRIMEPEOPLE value system defines our core values of trust, commitment, and responsibility, which we seek to embody in each aspect of our role as network partners. We identify individuals striving to create change in areas that are close to our heart. We identify candidates and clients who are passionate about achieving a lasting impact in IT, personnel consulting, and the modern workplace. And we identify positive-minded prospects, gifted communicators, and digital experts who want to join us in shaping the future.