At PRIMEPEOPLE, we don’t do small talk. We do straight talk.

As the leading personnel consultancy in the field of IT, PRIMEPEOPLE has been a specialist provider for all cutting-edge recruiting and personnel services for over 15 years.

However, the last couple of years have demonstrated how the process of filling high-profile IT positions is growing in complexity. Many clients continue to persist with their narrow requirements profiles, which means that they have to work that much harder to recruit the perfect candidate. New recruiting platforms feature heavily promoted matching algorithms that promise quick and above all cost-effective success in the search for ideal professional partners. At the same time, large numbers of personnel consultants find themselves “invited” to give away the benefits of their valuable network and assist this constrained process on a purely performance-related basis. Clients with sufficient resources also establish their own active sourcing team, which subsequently plays a prominent role in conducting the search.

This results in a number of setbacks: The client workload when assessing the proposed candidates is much higher than anticipated, the client’s lack of commitment sees the personnel consultants invest little effort, and candidates irritated by approaches from a variety of sources will withdraw from the process – or only participate in order to test their market value. After all, the ever-increasing level of demand means these highly networked individuals can afford to be selective.

Many companies still can’t quite believe that they actually have to fight to attract the top-quality staff they need. They have to dig deep in order to assure prospective employees that they are an ideal employer – after all, it isn’t the candidates who are queuing up to inquire about available positions. Businesses have to work hard to acquire new talent and must then battle to retain it. All this has left employers feeling somewhat helpless and asking themselves how best to approach a labor market that has turned into an applicant market with its own special set of rules.

This is no way to recruit genuine “prime people.” With this in mind, we consistently guide our clients throughout every stage: giving advice, discussing search strategies, assessing the chances of success, critically analyzing the requirements profile, streamlining the recruiting process – and providing a good deal of straight talk!

This approach is highly valued by our clients and has delivered years of continuous growth. As a result, we felt that this was the right moment for PRIMEPEOPLE to receive a fresh new look. We are delighted with our new website and our new logo, which help us show our true colors and emphasize our company values: Trust. Commitment. Responsibility. The PRIMEPEOPLE code.

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