Eight is great!

Many companies still can’t quite believe that they actually have to fight to attract the top-quality staff they need.

They have to dig deep in order to assure prospective employees that they are an ideal employer – after all, it isn’t the candidates who are queuing up to inquire about available positions. Businesses have to work hard to acquire new talent and must then battle to retain it. All this has left employers feeling somewhat helpless and asking themselves how best to approach a labor market that has turned into an applicant market with its own special set of rules.

This situation poses considerable challenges for us in our role as recruiters and personnel consultants. We now require even more life experience and psychological skills in order to identify the most suitable candidates and ensure that the very best remain loyal to our clients in the long term.

The factors contributing to this change are highly diverse: our candidates have access to cutting-edge communication technologies that make them more critical and thorough applicants, they are all part of a network, and any of them can look up any information they need at any time. At the same time, the pool of candidates has become more heterogeneous, resumes are now more individualized, and the range of qualifications and university degrees is dizzying. This has been accompanied by a revolution in employee motivation, with money, career, and status losing out to individuality, identity, and meaningful work. And as the life cycles of technical expertise grow shorter and shorter, the aspects of personality and character become all the more decisive.

This makes it considerably more difficult to identify candidates, establish a bond during the application process, and make the final choice. At PRIMEPEOPLE, we identify and recruit the very best with the help of our eight success factors for selecting the right candidate:

  • Expertise and the ability to acquire and apply this knowledge
  • Completing tasks in TBQ, organization of work, and self-management
  • Relationship management and emotional intelligence
  • Finding solutions. Creative, logical approach – intelligence
  • Successfully appreciating own role and enjoying the job
  • Executive suitability (management style, personality, character)
  • Buying into the company culture
  • Drive, perseverance, and assertiveness – the will to go the extra mile

At PRIMEPEOPLE, we are experienced managers from the IT industry and trained coaches. Despite our experience, or indeed because of it, we have successfully moved with the change and no longer operate in the ‘classic’ manner. The sequential approach we used in the past has given way to an iterative method – where once we would only take action when a vacancy became available, we now undertake long-term talent searches for our clients. And we start the recruiting process as soon as we detect that our clients have a shortage of skills that will be essential to their future projects. As “post and pray” is no longer an option and active sourcing an essential requirement, we contact a great many potential applicants while constantly expanding both our recommendation management services and our own talent pool.

Our Personality Positioning System (PPS) forms an essential part of this process. This analysis helps our candidates learn more about themselves, their values, and their style of communication. In this way, we establish the basis for a matching process that enables precisely tailored positioning and helps both our candidates and our clients move forward with confidence.

For next-level personnel consulting, think PRIMEPEOPLE.