"At PRIMEPEOPLE, we don't do small talk. We do straight talk."


Managing Partner

Steen Magnussen has held international management positions in Scandinavia and in the German-speaking parts of Europe for more than 30 years, making a name for himself above all as a country manager and business development expert for B2B companies.

He has helped both start-ups and global providers of language services and software solutions to establish and market their structures in Scandinavia. Combined with his efforts to recruit the right personnel, this has helped ensure long-term success for these businesses.

Clients also appreciate his unique intercultural competence, which allows him to mediate between major European businesses and Scandinavia. A confident operator in multiple languages and in several different countries, Steen Magnussen’s familiarity with a variety of cultures and working environments has enabled him to successfully link Scandinavia with the rest of Europe.

Having moved into personnel consulting as a partner specializing in executive search at a well-established corporate group in Copenhagen, his focus today at PRIMEPEOPLE is on placements in sales, consulting, and delivery, both on the service provider and service user side. His key tools for success in this regard are a robust value system – based on the high level of trust between the client, personnel consultant, and headhunter – and rigorous, respectful recruiting.


Johnstrupsvej 3  |  DK-4180 Sorø

Tel. +45 2615 00355
Mobile +45 2615 03 55

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